Solar Luminous Spheres

Are not these days much sun in the area where I live, but occasionally comes out, and although not shine much, really always is present so that we can use your energy in our benefit, all appliances that work with solar energy they are interesting, between the powers renewable, the solar is my favorite, in particular the Solar lamps they are a great idea, especially for outdoors.

Increasingly there are more models of solar lamps, the price It is very economical and although they illuminate not much, that this is its biggest drawback, actually do not eat anything, so we can have a few and get them a ambient light Nice, there are several models of solar lamps spherical, with different types of support to choose from, some of them are even floating and they can be put in the pool.

This type of lamp normally include bulb of LEDs, Hence the large variety of colors to choose from, many of them include even the possibility of color change, either automatically, or by temperature or by means of a button or remote control that allows us to change the hue of the light manually.

To my I like simpler models, of white light but I recognize that the colors are also a very attractive, in terms of support, we need to think about where we put the lamp, it is not the same if we want to put it on the floor of the Garden or hanging on the wall in one terrace o Gallery, many of these lamps include two or three clamping systems in the set so we can vary.