Smart lighting system

Philips Hue – smart lighting system

Smart lighting system

Okay, the smart-controlled lighting system Philips hue has existed for quite some time on the market. But how does it work exactly and what added value it offers? We have looked closer look at it.


The smart-controlled lighting system from the House of Philips, its metaphoric name hue reminds of the Vietnamese “Cloud City”, adapts to moods and times of the day and can be controlled via an app. This also works when you’re on the road, what makes the system particularly attractive to protect his home against burglars.

The Philips hue Starter Kit consists of a control unit, bridge, and two LED lights. In addition to the two white lights we have let even a colour luminaires extension us. The manufacturer advertises with a color range of 16 million colors.


Although visually, the control unit with connection for Wi-Fi and power supply is an official announcement. But parked next to the router it quickly disappears from the eye of the beholder. The installation is overall pleasing simple: the control unit is connected via a cable to the Internet. And then it can already go: download the free app of the manufacturer (iOS and Android), screwing in the standard Starter package containing lights and can already to design the lighting concept home individually. For rudimentary control tasks you must register through the app, not a registry would you operate several LED lights with additional scenarios, worth, however.

smart lighting systems

Morning relaxed wake…


The light intensity can be adjusted. Set the alarm time in the app, for the simulation of the Sunrise, the action of “Fading” activating and setting on a few minutes – mean personal day began in this way soft and relaxing. By the way: The light intensity can be regulated according to own needs. Who in the morning bad coming up and wakes up only with 100000 Lux, adjust the maximum light intensity. Read more on this website.


Hue is the apartment when entering shine


This is a nice effect: locates the app via GPS Smartphone the geofencing and switches on the light if necessary before entering the apartment. And without a home automation system. Here also the opposite scenario is possible, you forget to turn off the light when leaving the apartment, about the GEO, the light goes out when you leave the apartment. To do this it is necessary in the app the action “Geofencing” and the location services enable in the settings of your Smartphone. Both of these scenarios have worked well in practice, condition is that the bridge is constantly connected to the Internet and a power source.


Hue adventure on television makes more realistic


Very cool additional feature? You can underline exciting scenes in television with the lighting system. But it is possible using the standard app, but using the app “Ambilight + hue. It costs nothing but. TV and Smartphone must be connected to the network. JointSPACE is now controlled the television via the app. In theory at least. In practice, there were only after multiple attempts. And another thing: the app responded slightly sluggish, the lighting scenarios were delayed in part. After a settling-in period, the combination of lighting and TV works fine. Who however hoping for a cinematic experience with light show, will surely be disappointed.


Philips hue: open system equipped for the future


The Philips system is open for developers, on the market there are many free and paid apps with many possibilities. Also can integrate hue in home automation systems such as E.g. Qivicon, it eventually covers the wireless standard ZigBee off. The product range offers white bright lights, coloured, light stripes and lamps (bloom, IRIS). The system is maximum flexibility, up to 50 lights can be controlled at the same time.




The Philips hue is an attractive light system to sniff in the interconnected world around smart gadgets. With the ease of installation has succeeded also to beginners, create many light scenarios. Advanced through countless apps have the ability to design the lighting system according to your needs. Starter packages start at around €80, which tested Philips Lux LED Starter Kit hue stands currently at €80, the colourful light to the extension hits about €60 to beech.