Silicone for a Decoration Lamps

Lamp combined with a standard bulb or vintage silicone: the perfect combination

In addition to providing adequate room lighting, the lamps can be a great way to add a touch of style almost anywhere in your home.

Although there are many lamps on the market from which you can make your choice, there are moments where you may want to look more custom but modern, with bright and fun touches.

Do you want to recreate in your rooms a feeling of freshness and youth, combining ideally the decoration of the spaces with lighting appropriate and perfect? Whether in your home, your business office or your office, you can achieve this effect with the beautiful and economic lamps in silicone.

As you know, the silicone is one of the most recognized in the industry manufacturing materials. Today, it is used to make almost any object due to its special features which makes it RESISTANT to the heat, the humidity and to electricity. These reasons allow the silicone tubes to be safe and low-cost. In addition, if you combine it with one of our standard A60 9W E27 bulbs or one of our VINTAGE light bulbs, you will get a wonderful lamp for home decor defined on

Areas colored with silicone lamps

To give that touch of youth, joy and freshness, you must play with modern colors that reflect these emotions. Therefore, these lamps in SILICONE are perfect as they are available in yellow, white, LILA, black or in red. They have tonalitées that can be perfectly combined with the colors of the walls and furniture. In addition, the lighting effect is perfect if you use sockets with the best bulbs to LED technology, because they form a perfect combination between lighting and good taste.

Silicone lamps: Templates and Styles

This wonderful product is available in different models, which are perfectly adapted to your decoration needs. Here are a few ‘ one of the most important:

  • Round Fold. Lamp black matte, white or lila with a beautiful design lengthened to give that touch stylized environments. This suspension lamp has a 100 cm cable. His sleeve measures 130 x 140 mm in diameter and the base 95 x 75 mm. His nerve allows to use light bulbs E27 standards that you have in your home, your office, or your trade, of E27, by accepting a power up to 60W and a voltage of 230V.
  • Silicon Bell. Ideal when you want to give the room an elegant style and opulant. This suspension lamp is designed with rounded lines with a width of 260 x 260 mm socket, allowing a wide angle of light. At its core, the diameter is 70 x 65 mm. She also comes with a common light bulbs E27 socket and is attached to a cable of 100 centimeters, which can be fixed to where you want. She works with a voltage of 230V and up to 60W of power. Order it in the white or black color.
  • Modern Fold. This model of black ice with a design right and minimalist style, perfect for creating atmospheres with sensation of freedom and modernity. It can be used with or without blinds and install a bulb E27 of any type. It is perfect for parts that require good lighting like kitchens, lounges and offices. The socket has a size of 330 x 220 mm and 1 meter of cable that can be adjusted according to the needs of the decoration.

You can also enjoy white color silicone sleeves, black, red, and yellow. They all have a cable 1 meter and installation kit. This product has an E27 base for any this type LED bulb.

The silicone is synonymous with modernity and colors. Therefore, by changing your room and giving him joy and elegance, a cheap, silicone lamps are the smart solution.