Should It Favor the CFL or LED Bulb?

With the price of electricity who know a steady rise lately, opt for the bulbs low energy is the ideal solution to make saving money and saving of energy.

But with different models of light bulbs low energy which exist on the market, making his choice can really get complicated, because unless you’re really stalled in this area, it is not always easy to find. So why choose between a CFL and a LED bulb?

Towards the end of conventional bulbs

Conventional incandescent bulbs begin to lose their reputation with consumers and give little by little their place to the bulbs low energy. More easy to find in stores or on the Internet, these bulbs are starting to be used by many households, or even by professionals. This success can be explained simply by the reduction of electricity consumption, leading to save money on their bills at the end of the month. With rising almost regular price of electricity, any means is indeed good to lower consumption.


A CFL uses the same process as that of a neon, with the difference that these bulbs are much more economical. CFLs consume much less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs while they offer a much higher light output. Comparing two identical brightness, including a classic and a CFL bulbs, one can notice that consumption of electricity of theCFL can go up to 5 times less than the classic incandescent light bulb. In addition, life of a CFL can go up to 10,000 h or until 12 000 pm according to the number of ignition and extinction made which actually have a major impact on the life of the bulb. Because of this, it seems wiser to do not use in rooms lit intermittently to avoid a too repetitive ignition.

However, a CFL does not support the presence of a drive (also called dimmer) and does not provide an excellent rendering of colours. In addition, these CFL bulbs illuminate not instantly and take much longer to reach their optimal light capacity. Furthermore, it has been proven that the CFL bulbs produce electromagnetic fields harmful to health and can cause headaches in some people because of gift alternative luminous flux. The use of these bulbs remains to avoid for bedside tables or for all installation close to the head. In fact, the lamp CFL should be more to illuminate the large rooms such as the living room and the kitchen. And unfortunately, theCFL is not suitable for outdoor use, unlike theLED bulb.

LED Bulbs

As it has already been said before, there are LED bulbs designed for external use as pool LED spots or the garden LED spot; one of the advantages of theLED bulb compared to theCFL. TheLED bulb, as theCFL, allows to make energy savings very important for individuals and businesses. This type ofeconomic bulb can actually perform much higher than an incandescent bulb. Even if compared to a halogen bulb, a LED bulb costs more expensive, in the end, it is a profitable investment on the long term because the LED lamp has a very high life expectancy.

Regarding its performance and capacities, theLED bulb is a life expectancy ranging from 50,000 up to 100 000 hours, or 5 times more than a CFL. Much better than the latter, LED bulbs also have a much higher impact resistance compared to CFLs and can also be used for repeated ignitions or a point light.

However, a LED bulb still offers a pretty average color rendering despite improvements made in recent years and ensures a limited beam of light . There also LED gu10 light bulbs that contain mercury are composed of electric circuits, which means that they must be collected to be recycled when they are at the end of life.

CFL or LED Bulb?

It must be said that with the many benefits of LED bulbs, these seem better than CFL bulbs. In fact, the choice is yours, but what you need to know before choosing a lamp economic, whether for a LED bulb or for a CFL, is that so far, it is the latter which is still fairly identical to a conventional bulb and which, at the same time, can replace it in almost all situations, except in places heated and of course in places lit intermittently. However, you should know that studies by scientists have shown that CFL bulbs would be more harmful to health and unsuitable in the bedrooms because of their influence, which is not the case of LED gu10 light bulbs .

TheLED bulb, however, especially ideal rest for decorative use or fill light, but still expected marked improvements soon especially since the performance of LED bulbs are regularly improved. Besides, estimated LED bulbs may even become future sources of energy for household shortly and would forever replace conventional incandescent bulbs.

Choose A Bulb Based on Usage

Before opting for model DOE, better first make his choice based on its use. Opt for a CFL for parts you can aerate regularly and avoid use in places of passage. Unlike the CFL lamp, you can use the LED lamp in almost every room of the House and she is best suited in the parts that require a light on longer.