Save Money with Modern LED Industrial Lighting

The savings potential for LED bulbs is enormous. “Anyone familiar with the numbers, is surprised that we have not already continue with the conversion. The scope is underestimated unfortunately drastically by many decision-makers still “white Marco Hahn, responsible for marketing and sales at Deutsche light rent, from experience.

In business, a lot of efficiency and savings potential is wanted especially where the power consumption is at its highest. However, the reduction possibilities are usually rather low. It can be achieved proven quick and lasting savings on dimmable lighting through a conversion of conventional lighting of production halls, warehouses, office wings and public institutions.

The Central Association of electronics and electrical industry estimated the potential savings by LED lamps in the office lighting to about 3.2 billion kilowatt-hours, in the industry even at 8.3 billion. The move pays it for small and medium enterprises as well from as for large industrial enterprises.

A fluorescent tube with 58 watts of power consumed, for example, in addition around 13 Watts for the ballast, thus making a total of 71 watts. In contrast, an LED lamp requires only about 22 watts for the same light output. Thus, a medium-sized enterprise in Germany saving through the use of high-quality LED lights around 6650.000 kWh of energy per year.

Even higher is the savings potential in the industry widespread hall ceiling lights HQL or HQI. A common emitter used for example 400 watts at 80 watts power dissipation for the ballast, ie 480 watts. A corresponding LED light on the other hand requires only 216 watts. This fall in a production hall with 500 hall ceiling spotlights low in three-shift operation on a single day at around 1,100 euros in electricity costs. That adds up to at least 22,000 euros per month, solely for the energy consumption of conventional hall lighting.