Save Energy in Everyday Life

Saving energy starts with small things. Not only industrial and commercial need to deal in future with efficient and economical energy. Thus, the German energy transition to take shape, the consumers and end users need to fully follow suit. In German households, the savings potential is still very large in power. By proper use of household appliances to energy and CO2 could be saved, and thus at the same time protect the environment.

But avoid CO2 helps not only the climate, but also protects your wallet. So far contributed refrigerators and freezers, washing machines, dryers and lighting the lion’s share of electricity consumption in households, but the computer and entertainment technology brings strongly to. You now accounts for one-fifth of consumption. One of the easiest tricks to flow, thus saving money is to not make your electronic equipment such as televisions, computers, phone, charging cable and speaker in standby mode, but pull the plug. According to new figures from the Energy Agency Schleswig-Holstein saves a single household a 30 to 40 euros per year, a four-person household even 75 to 100 euros. Electronic devices that are not switched off, take 4.5 percent of the national electricity consumption. This corresponds to the equivalent of electricity costs in the amount of 2.5 billion euros.

Also in the kitchen can continue to easily and quickly save power. Set the refrigerator temperature not below 7 degrees Celsius a, thaw the freezer from regularly and always use it when cooking a matching lid to the pot. And if you leave the room or apartment, do not forget the light off.