Safe and Secure with the German Light Rent

The conversion to LED industrial lighting systems – with the intelligent leasing model of the German light rent – is compared to the purchase or lease not only easier and cheaper, but also more secure!

“Buyer of LED products, the buyer bears the entire product and liability risks. Manufacturers offer therefore generally guarantees to, but often these are severely limited, conditional or the guarantor is not solvent “says Alexander Hahn. In contrast, wears German light rent as a landlord product and liability risks in full.

The situation is similar at the leasing business. Classically, a lease payment includes a so-called financing component with which many obligations and risks associated carrying the customer in accordance with lease itself. This means that they guarantee case has to enforce claims against the supplier or manufacturer of the product itself. In addition, the lessee is no reduction in the lease payment under warranty.

We offer our clients to their specific needs tailored rental contracts in which the above-mentioned risks do not materialize through sale or lease.