Retrofit LED lamps

If a conventional bulb is faulty, customers are now increasingly common on modern and energy-saving lamps. Especially in retrofit range innovative light sources are combined with historical value now flares. Retrofit here means “fit retroactively” and suggests that, for example, LED Retrofits can replace old incandescent and halogen lamps easily -. Without any remodeling or new wiring.

Just for the retrofit area is the LED technology as an alternative and energy-saving light source, because not all of the lamp must be replaced. For most lamp base there with LED bulbs already constructions switching stability and also save space. However, old versions and certain lamp base for manufacturers of filters new LED products still represent a certain challenge. Especially in the exchange of compact fluorescent lamps, also known as energy-saving lamps, an LED bulb would immediately because of their special design to the limits of possibility. Despite the compact design and the no longer essential snake form of mini-fluorescent, prepare the small-sized G4 base of halogen lamps manufacturers some headaches.

Is the real problem here is that the compatibility of the lighting technology of the 21st century with the lamp holders from the 19th to consist century. LED lamp base usually come with the power offered there cope. But there are many LED bulbs due to necessary heatsink and ballast far greater than their filament and halogen predecessor. Therefore lamps fit accordingly not always work properly in the respective sockets. The differences you will sometimes be very relevant and bring so much light housing to the limit of its capacity. Nevertheless, the LED technology is safe but also master this difficult time with flying colors and make retrofit an interesting trend.