Recycling of Industrial LED Bulbs

As mentioned in the previous blog article, is a fundamental principle of a sustainable business model, the recycling of valuable components and resources. LED industrial lights are not easily disposed of at the end of its very long lifetime. Approximately 90 percent of the ingredients can be reprocessed or be found after cleaning and maintenance in a new LED lamp again use.

All LED products of the German Lighting indexed by are completely recyclable, largely reusable and repairable. In addition, fall in the disposal of the LED lights on any mercury residues or radioactive waste.

Our LED industrial luminaires meet the RoHS directives, since they do not contain harmful mercury, lead, cadmium, PBB, PDBE even chrome. Therefore, they can without great risk to the provisions of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Act be disposed of and recycled.

 If LED industrial lights be recycled, depending on the type of product, various methods are used, with which the lamps are broken down into their individual components. All procedures ensure by vacuum atmosphere and air purification systems that the pollutants contained in small amounts can not escape into the environment.