Pulsing & Overclocking

The German light rent guarantees the longevity of their LED lights next to the under typical energization with a further technical feature: the lack of pulsing or clocking, which we developed PLC filter (R) Technology. From a timing or pulsing of the LED driver to refrain has a number of advantages which increase the lasting quality of the product.

Pulsed LED drivers are circuits driving the LED lights with the principle of switching power supplies and so achieve a higher efficiency in terms of performance. In many applications, LEDs are clocked to optimize light output. This means that the LED light is not permanently attached, but once in regular very fast clock on and off. The human eye perceives this switching times not true. During the on time, the LED lamp may be extremely busy, as it can cool off in the off-time. The eye sees the flashing with high frequency LED light only a bright spot. However, this pulsing charged the brain unnecessarily, which can in sensitive individuals cause headaches. A few people see this clock even. The constant switching on and off the LED is stressed unnecessarily in our opinion. Market-leading manufacturer of high-end LED chips as our supplier Nichia, confirm this regularly. Without the timing but a special, very expensive industrial drivers of us must be used.


The German light rent bypasses sacrificing lighting quality and efficiency, by forgoing clocked LED driver. This and a further internal technology, we enable appropriate smoothing in power and reach, so to speak, a continuous constant current control. In addition, through this PLC filter (R) technology, the solder joints of the LED chips are not strained over the years. This also contributes to the longevity of LED industry products in the German light rent at.