PSV Eindhoven Uses LED Technology

The Dutch football club PSV Eindhoven has done the first club of the “Eredivisie”, the top league of the Dutch Football Association, the decisive step into a brighter future. The entire old lighting system of the stadium was replaced by cutting-edge and sustainable lighting based on LED technology.

Toon Gerbrands, secretary of the association, said to the conversion: “Innovation is crucial at PSV. We are delighted that we were able to celebrate with the new LED stadium lighting a first in Dutch football. The new lighting system gives us the flexibility to make the atmosphere in the stadium even more exciting and so makes a visit to our fans a real experience of the senses. The unlimited potential of LED technology is integrated into our entertainment program during the game, so that light, sound and video optimally enhance and complement each other.”

The PSV Eindhoven opened the new lighting system in 2015 with a spectacular light show. The installed system itself is on the cutting edge of technology. When LED stadium lighting attention was paid to the fact that it is the strict requirements of international broadcasters and sports federations justice. Thus, the fans in the stadium as well as the viewers at home have an even better view of the action and the emotions of the players on the field. The Dutch football association has thus demonstrated that, thanks to the LED technology sustainability and energy efficiency may also be associated with a higher quality of light and more entertainment value. Another example of a rethink and change on which the German light Rent operates daily.