Powerful Lanterns and Torches

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Depending on the model, a lantern can be operated with gas, petrol, kerosene or batteries/rechargeable batteries. A lantern, powered by petrol or kerosene is very powerful. There is still the classic candle lantern.

Lanterns and their areas of application:

The petromax lantern is the timeless classic par excellence, but to the newer, gasoline-powered lanterns – technical understanding. However, you should use a fuel-powered lantern, because of the fire danger and because of burns resulting carbon monoxide, never in the tent. Based on http://www.wholesaleably.com/online/flashlights/, where the use one battery/battery-operated lantern is recommended? For something more romantic, there is the good old candles lanterns or torches for the garden party.

One wears flares, and it is advisable to use a hand guard plate as a drip.