Pineapple Lamps from DYBERG-LARSEN

DYBERG-LARSEN is a Danish design brand as is stormed forward in a short time with amazing and beautiful design lamps with beautiful lighting. DYBERG-LARSEN has become particularly well known at their beautiful PineApple commuter who makes it up with the great design icons for good prices. The idea behind the Pine Apple lights is not only the beautiful design as lamps without a doubt has, but also the good lighting is a large focus. Light aperture you not in the eyes and is made in the absolute best quality. Pine Apple pendant lamps are also produced in Denmark which optimizes the quality further and ensures a stable supply of PineApple lamps. You can get Pine Apple in many beautiful colors and sizes from XS O18 cm and up to 70 cm. Price is at a reasonable rent, which has also resulted in a huge design success of Pine Apple lights.

Classic Illumin lamp is also from DYBERG-LARSEN

But DYBERG-LARSEN has also tagged Illumin lamps which are non-assembled lamps which can be assembled on only 11 min.-Yes, it actually fits, Illumin can gather at 11 minutes, therefore also the name i-11-u-Min and they are designed after exactly together design standards such as PineApple and the other lamps in DYBERG-LARSEN family. We have selected some of the best illumin commutes into our online assortment, and we certainly think you should see them through. Illumin is available both for children and adults and makes for a great good lighting wherever they are used. Is there anything from DyberDyberg-Larsen you are missing?