Pilot Light Always On

Barrier against nightmares and / or reassuring baby, the night is a must for parents concerned about the well-being of their child.

At bedtime, the night light, thanks to its soft light and soothing, help baby fall asleep peacefully and accompany him throughout his sleep. Increasingly sophisticated, this accessory can take many features! That is why we will guide you in purchasing your night, but be careful not just any pilot rabbit!

Our selection in a glance

The best pilot rabbit Comparative 2016

A handy for parents and children, the pilot allows the greatest of his way in the dark and smaller, to find peace and tranquility before plunging into the arms of Morphée.Pour you, we 4 selected lamps that caught our attention for their rabbit shape, really lovely!

JOUANES – Baby Night Silent Night

A real favorite for this pilot, well thought out and practical!

The model

This night takes the form of a super cute rabbit whose face will light to accompany baby during the night. Led three are required to operate the lamp.

WE love

Here we have to deal with a night light compact and lightweight , to take wherever you go: home, car … It has a very good autonomy since last until 30h. To recharge, simply plug it into an electrical outlet or USB, so you can say goodbye to pesky batteries!

Adjust the intensity of light simply by touching it with his touch light sensor and safe because it does not heat . It diffuses a pleasant light to adjust according to your child’s preferences.

If you opt for the cabinet, the pilot will be delivered with the same rabbit to it, that baby will appreciate like company in his bed

Weak points

Sincerely, we are still looking …

We bet like us, let yourself convinced by this lovely night, with full features that will make your life easier!


 Anel Lamp 50 cm, Miffy blanc

It is the Dutch brand Mr Maria offers us this Miffy lamp, the effigy of the famous rabbit, adored by children. We owe to the brand design and poetic lighting, enjoyed by young and old.

The model

We find a minimalist lamp, representing the famous character Miffy. It will serve both pilot and real element of decoration for the baby room.

We appreciate

Original and aesthetic , this pilot measure 50cm, making it an item to the size of your child!

It requires no batteries , and battery and is running on AC.

It has a dimmer which is particularly significant. Baby will sleep peacefully, so you can tuck it or give her a kiss without stumbling in the dark!


Because of its large size, the price is also significant.

For such a high price, one would expect more features and more convenience because even if it is light, the size of this pilot does not take it anywhere .

It also regrets the lack of autonomy , and the fact that it only works on sector.

You will need to break your budget to give you this lovely rabbit pilot which remains pretty basic.


Nightlight Rabbit Lookshop

Lookshop, specializing in selling items of “lifestyle” released this super cute rabbit night light, looks like two drops of water Miffy!

The model

This lamp, which will fit perfectly in a child’s room, after all is basic.

WE love

This night is the perfect alternative to the very expensive Miffy lamp.

Small (22 cm x 20 cm x 18 cm), it has a nice look and aesthetics .

Its composition is plastic it a resistant model .

To review

Transmitting a downside at the bulb that emits a abundant light . You will have to change and opt for an LED.

Few features on this model that has neither dimmer , or autonomy .

Know that the lamp comes with an American-style tip. Buying an adapter is essential.

We appreciate this pilot rabbit Miffy real alternative to the lamp. However, it lacks any option which makes it more than a night light.

Suck UK Lampe Lapin

Known for its design and creativity, the London brand Suck UK is distinguished by an original style and sometimes eccentric. Away from the baby universe, but rather a benchmark for stylish gifts featuring plus a touch of humor!

The model

The brand proposes a porcelain lamp in the shape of rabbit. Super nice little detail: the tail lights! This is a model boilerplate to suit any interior.

Size: 11 cm x 17 cm x 20 cm

Its advantages

We love the simple design but elegant this light that in addition has the advantage of use with a low-energy bulb. It diffuses a pleasant ambient light, not aggressive, perfect for small baby eyes.

It remains cool to the touch therefore safe for baby and comes with a universal adapter : very practical. Little more significant: it can recharge via USB.

What we regret

As mentioned in the introduction, this light is further intended to decorate a room that really help baby fall asleep. She has no current regulator and porcelain which it has makes it extremely brittle.

Another black spot: its price. It will take you 70 euros for this pilot which is not quite one.

Very nice but certainly not adapted to the pilot function.

The best rabbit night: verdict

You’ll understand the pilot Jouanès sweet night winning all our votes. Both aesthetic and complete, it has all the features that one can look for in a night. This makes it so our favorite!

Find more information on how to choose the night for your baby by reading this article!