Philips MultiLife Battery Charger

Philips MultiLife battery charger Inc. AA batteries

Size: can be both AA and AAA batteries
Brand: Philips


Philips MultiLife Battery Charger


Philips MultiLife Battery Charger
Philips battery charger is designed for Philips rechargeable batteries in either AAA, AA or 9V. The charger is quick and can charge a portion of batteries in just 5 hours. The charger shuts off even when the batteries are fully charged, so you avoid overcharging. In addition, there is a built-in security that makes that you’ll be notified if you try to charge a faulty battery, or a non rechargeable battery, or if you return the battery incorrectly. Led lights indicate the error that is charging or charging is finished.

Philips battery charger can charge the following:

  1. 4 AAA batteries
  2. 4 PCs AA
  3. or
  4. 2 PCs 9V

In this package follows 4 PCs AA batteries (2600 mAh) which can be recharged up to 1000 times in their lifetime.

Philips rechargeable batteries with nickel metal hybrid technology-are guaranteed free of cadmium and mercury.

1 package consists of a battery charger and 4 Rechargeable AA batteries