Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit

Size: as a normal standard bulb
Brand: Philips Hue
Color (s): white contact w/white bulb (warm white light)
Dimmable: Yes, the switch can light up to 10 Cap bulbs
Light source: 9, 5W LED-equivalent to 60W-806lm-2700 k (warm white)
Cord: Use cord, but not 1xCR2450 button-battery (included)
Comments: does not require the Hue Bridge! Set w/1 bulb + 1 contact


Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit
Smart set with 1 Hue White bulb (can only bright warm white 2700 k) and a damper switch that lets you turn on/off and dimming your Hue White PEAR (+ your other bulbs in Hue series)-up to 10 light bulbs can be attached to each Hue damper contact without bridge-have you Switch Dimming can bridge here control all your Hue pears.
On the wall-mounting, as well as on the switch sits magnets, then it is easy to take on and off.

Hue Wireless Dimming Kit contains:

1 x White LED bulb Cap 9, 5W-equivalent to 60W-RA80 +
-Extra Hue White bulbs can be purchased here.
1 x Dimming-contact Inc. wall mounting
-Extra Dimming Switch available for purchase here.

Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit

Easy installation of Hue Dimmer remote control!
-Pack set out, mount the evt. your Hue contact on the wall and set the connect to the Hue bulbs you want and you are now in progress.

Useful info for Hue Dimming Kit & Switch:

You don’t need a Hue bridge
-PEAR and contact can connects directly without the bridge.
One contact for 10 Cap bulbs (no bridge)
-Do you have bridge? So can switch control all Hue the pears.
Can also dampen the colored Hue pears (not, however, choose color via this contact)
-Set the color on the phone/tap and use Switch to on/off/mute (turn on the new in color)
Range indoors is approx. 12 meters