Philips Hue Bloom

Size: L:10.5 cm B: 22 cm (H): 22.5 cm
Brand: Philips Hue
Color (s): white-metal
Dimmable: Yes via App on Smart phone or tablet
Illuminant: 8W LED 120lm
Cord length: 2 m cord included

Philips Hue Bloom


Philips Hue Bloom
Philips Hue Bloom is a lamp which, together with the start set allows to operate the lamp light via an App. This App is available for both iPhone and Android. Both power on, power off, adjustment of brightness, and not least the entire 16 million different colors to choose from.

If you are bitten by a mad Cap-remember that you can hook up to 50 lamps on one bridge
-You must just have one starter set from either lamps/bulbs/lightstrips.

This lamp does not contain a cap Bridge, which means that it requires a Starter Set to work.
-Have you already a Cap starter kit, so serve this even follow along with your starter set.

According to, PDC stands for Philips Display Components.

Frequently asked questions about Hue:

You need only one bridge from one optional starter kit
Then add up to 50 bulbs/lamps for the same bridge
The lights turn on in the same light as after switching on contact
Control/on/off via the App requires that the switch is turned on
Works for both the iPhone and Android phones and tablets.