Philips EnergyUp-HF3419

Size: B: 31.7 cm H: 41.4 cm D: 11.2 cm
Brand: Philips
Color (s): white
Light source: LED Natural White
Cord length: 210 cm

Lighting Equipment


Philips EnergyUp
Model: HF3419

Improves energy levels
Fighting the winter blues
20-30 min. per day
100% UV-free light
Adjust angle

This smart Philips EnergyUp lamp fill you with energy at only 20-30 minutes a day. Terapilys has become more and more popular, not least because it works!

It is clinically proven that EnergyUp has a positive effect on increasing energy levels, as well as combat the winter blues. Strong white light helps to increase well-being and light therapy is a really good idea if you have seasonal mood swings or general problems with energy levels.

The chic foot is equal to fold down so that the lamp does not take up a lot when the packed away. Actually reminds designed much about a mirror and there is also the option to Wall lamp.