Pendant Light: Move the Trend Into Your Own Living Room

Pendant lights are a relic of the 60’s and 70 year trends, now they are again on the rise and are considered very modern and chic. We explain what is going on with the pendant lights and like yourself such a jewel in her living room to give effect.

Pendant lights are not only original pieces of furniture with draws stares factor, but also able to selectively set certain areas or elements of a living room scene. Your height adjustability and space-saving nature also makes it easy to integrate into a lamp.

Pendant lights are available in different sizes, shapes and materials that can be suitably selected depending on the interior style.

integrate a modern pendant light in style

Pendant lights are under no circumstances to the nursery! The risk of injury to a child and lamp are clearly too high, because the swinging lamp invites children to romp and the lamp survived such games rarely unscathed.

In addition, pendant lights are no lights that can illuminate a room. Instead, they are more suitable as a reading light or for art and sculpture. Buyer of lamp, make absolutely sure that the light cone is not too tight – which can negate the special lighting effect later.

Do not hang the modern lamp in the living room to sleep, a strong glare and injuries are often the result. They resort to height adjustable pendant lamps, which can be quickly and easily adjusted to the correct height.