Parking and Garages LED Lighting

Lighting of car parks (or outdoors) and garages with LED will bring security, economy and better visibility.

Efficient and Decorative

They exist in different areas, as well at the commercial level at home, where security is a major factor. In addition the fact that the shadows and darkness are allies of thieves already that for various reasons, the type of activity that occurs in these places, has an imminent risk of accident. And it is here, lighting becomes a vital part of the decoration of some of these

areas. A well lit place is a safe and reliable place where activities can be carried out with peace and the necessary caution to avoid accidents. LIGHTING of car parks and GARAGES must meet these requirements, not to mention the legal regulations. But we must not just limit ourselves to give light to those areas, more, this can be done with style and good taste in decoration. Similarly, that these areas are for a private or commercial use, the appropriate LED lights must be installed by, which will allow a lighting where a favourable environment for the circulation of pedestrians and vehicles is created.

Garages And Parking Light: That Must Be Taken Into Account?

There was discussion around what type of fixture is the most suitable for the lighting of car parks and Garages, and it must take into account certain basic principles. First of all, the size of the space to illuminate and then energy saving and sustainability of the lighting equipment. In relation to the latter, the ideal is to use lights LED to underground car parks and even for those who are in the open air. Don’t forget that in these places, in those which are commercial, they stay on nearly 24 hours a day. Therefore, it is extremely important that the tubes, the projectors, the bulbs or the bells that are used have a real PERFORMANCE of economy of energy and a long service life. The LED lighting for Garages is essential to achieve the goal.

On the other hand, the size of the area, tell us what is ideal to use lighting equipment. Parking space in the houses tend to be small. In this case, a pair of bulbs or LED spotlights are sufficient to get a good level of lighting. In areas of medium to large size, as commercial car parks, we must play with the different materials of LED lighting. Industrial LED bells are perfect to report the inputs and outputs or to stand out the places where the view is lost because of the shadows. The LED Tubes and watertight strips also to perfection provide general lighting of the place, such as access roads and every position of vehicles.