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LED or LED Bulb

What Is The Function Of An LED Lamp? The LED ( Light-Emitting Diode) or light -emitting diode (LED) is an optoelectronic component that emits monochromatic light when it is covered by an electric current. The first LED created in 1962 was of red color used in particular…
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Fluorescent and CFL

Light Spectrum Adapted To Cannabis About the spectrum of lighting, cannabis plants need mainly blue light (450-500nm) during the stage of growth and red light (610-750nm) during flowering. During root rooting and seedling growth , most growers use simple fluorescent tubes or blue CFL bulbs . In a culture space of sufficient…
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Cannabis and LED Panels

Cannabis And LED Panels The LED bulbs (Light Emitting Diode) are increasingly popular in the world of home growing, they indeed offer similar results in HPS bulbs, but with consumption and heat emission much lower . These lighting systems have improved in recent years, delivering…
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