Pabobo Portable Night Light

The sleep of our children… vast subject isn’t it? tiny baby in need of parents to be reassuring, more big kids love having a blankie and then a little reassuring light…

Pabobo Portable Night Light

Here my first sleep has not been complicated, he “made his nights” at 3 weeks, he slept well and long, a real Groundhog, in his childhood, it was also very simple but in recent weeks, he asked me to leave the door open to let the light from the hallway turned on…

For my youngest, it is more complex, it doesn’t always sleep alone and need to suck the night so we always cosleeping (No. How! safe cosleeping and we live well, thank you) but I confess that I have long look for a little night light to breastfeed at night without waking everyone with the great light.

Anyway, all that to say that in both cases, I use a night light that connects to the outlet BUT: having no decision-making stuck to our beds, it’s at the other end of the House, hidden by this or that thing and… it doesn’t help.

We had the chance to test the portable Nightlight pabobo

Pabobo, that is what it is? a universe of light to reassure our children. All products meet CE standards and are made so that the children can handle them without danger.

So we got this lovely LED night light via

Already, I’m totally a fan of the packaging, it’s too pretty!

Inside, the precious;

To recharge, simply plug a few hours and the tour is play!

It adapts to the light, so impossible to forget to turn it off, she cuts herself as soon as daylight.

It is small and fits easily in the hand of a child, for example to find his way at night to go to the toilet.

It takes 70 h lit (test and approve!) so it does not load all day and it’s convenient.

What I like is the fact she is nomadic, we can thus a place anywhere in the room, while for conventional nightlights, you must have a plug (home sockets are not necessarily accessible or beside the bed and with the Nightlight Pabobo, we don’t have such worries!)

I use in my room to breastfeed Alessio and it’s great, lighting is neither too strong nor too weak, there is no wake everybody or be blind.

She is perfectly slip in the Enzo bag when he’ll go to Grandma and Grandpa on holiday and will continue to illuminate our nights on a daily basis.

I’m really fan of pabobo brand and this night light in particular, I like their universe, the sweetness that comes out… a pretty discovery for me.