Outdoor Terrace Lighting Ideas

A terrace is a real asset. But to not turn these a few external square meters in space lost and sad, good lighting is essential.Follow our tips to avoid the 5 most common mistakes and create optimal lighting for your patio.

As for the House, on the terrace, the lighting must be adapted to activities that you conduct. Your terrace is a dining area, anoutdoor lounge or play area? According to these cases, set up ad hoc fixtures: suspended above a table, lamp posts for an outside seating area and overhead lights for a play area.

2 – Sur-éclairer your terrace

The terrace must remain a friendly space. Not on proportion so not lighting under it to get an icy atmosphere! Thus, to avoid the spotlight or all dazzling lights. Conversely, to create a beautiful atmosphere, prefer the indirect lighting or semi direct.

3 – Overlook the terrace mood lighting

Certainly, general lighting is useful on your terrace. But as for a lounge, ambient and accent lighting is welcome for a value space.Vary the type of lights to get a lighting value on your terrace with outside and spots for example lamps.

4 – Settle for a single point of light outdoors

As for the Interior of the House, vary the luminaires on the terrace. Spots on the ground, sconces, floor lamps allow to get alive lighting and adjust the light output according to the atmosphere you’re looking for.

5 – Err light intensity

Nice, the terrace to be sufficiently informed. Be sure to use the right number of lumens depending on the surface to be lit. Choose luminaires with a good spread, glass including.