Our Site LED Tube by Our site

New our site LED tubes by our site are immediately available in the trade. The our site  tubes are available in sizes 60 cm, 90 cm, 120 cm and 150 cm.

Our Site LED Tube by Our site
To highlight this bright our site  lamp bulb, which supply tube up to 2300 lumens per our site . The T 8 lamp comes in usual our site quality in various luminous, as daylight tube and Cool white tube.
These high-quality products can be purchased from the dealer here like: our site LED tubes.
As with other LED bulbs contain our site  tube no mercury, which can be very dangerous for the health. Compared to other LED tubes IOIO our site  has long LED light tubes in the 90 cm length to as well as products in warm white light color.
Through use of our site tube, you save a lot of energy, in stark contrast to old fluorescent tubes. This pleased every electricity customers and our environment.
An important question, not least by Denis came, whether this SMD function tube with electronic ballast.
The IOIO LED not with electronic ballasts, electronic Ballasts work tubes by Norma. The reason is simple. At the ECG, the starter in the ballast (ballast) is already integrated, and is not to Exchange. I.e. this dummy starter in IOIO tubes by Norma, can be use.
Update 2
Middle way can SMD buy tubes in Norma. Here are a few pictures of the product. Please click on the image to enlarge it.
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