Oil Lamp DIY

Convenient for camping or in case of power failure, an oil lamp is easily manufactured. Through video tutorials, this paper craft models of lamps made from a user jar, a can or a simple glass.

Our tips

  • Use onlynon-flammable materials that withstand heat to make your lamp.
  • Thoroughly clean the support to contain the oil before starting.
  • Recycle your bulbsto make small decorative oil lamps.
  • To customize your lamp and make a decorative accessory on a table or shelf, mix a littlefood coloring in oil and pour oil red, blue or green in a clear glass container.
  • Preferfuels of vegetable origin to synthetic oils, based gasoline or kerosene, which broadcast polluting microparticles into the atmosphere.
  • Make twist the cloth wick between your fingers to move it in its holder.
  • Preferably usecotton to make the wick . If you do not, you can optionally choose hemp, wool or linen.
  • Place a square of aluminum as part of the wick to light, to create a thermal barrier between the flame and the lamp.

DIY Oil Lamp

How to DIY an oil lamp?

This tutorial presents two different techniques to achieve an oil lamp with recovery objects and thus benefit from a lighting both autonomous and economically.

Method 1

Very simple and quick to perform, this model is ideal in case of power failure or to make additional lighting at a bivouac. The lamp has a battery life of several hours.


  • glass jar with a screw-on metal lid
  • Strip of cotton material
  • vegetable oil bottle (sunflower, rapeseed …)
  • Knife and scissors


  1. Hack the cover in the center
  2. Slide the wick leaving 1 cm of cloth over the cover
  3. Fill the jar of vegetable oil, leaving a free space between the oil and the cover
  4. Close the cover by dipping the bottom of the wick in oil
  5. Ignite the top of the wick to light the lamp

Method 2

Also very fast to make, this model is however less dangerous, as the flame is extinguished when the oil is completely consumed. Perfect for decorating a table or create a mood in your home warm, you can customize it by incorporating fantasy elements in water, such as sequins, colored beads, dried flowers, etc.


  • Glass Table Glass
  • Plug (cork or metal)
  • Strip of cotton material
  • Knife and scissors
  • Water
  • Vegetable oil


  1. Drill the middle of the plastic cap
  2. Slide the wick by causing exceed 2 cm below and 0.5 cm above
  3. Fill the glass of water to two-thirds
  4. Add the oil to form a layer of 3 cm above the water (oil and water immiscible)
  5. Remove the cap and the wick

This type of lamp is handled with care because oil is a flammable liquid.  You should also remember that emits polluting microparticles.
You will find in hardware stores and some supermarkets, fuel bottles ready for oil lamps employment (or Essence F).

Method 3


  • Metal Cover jar (eg jam jar)
  • Cotton wick
  • Oil
  • sharp knife
  • matches


  1. Make a hole in the center of the metal lid with a knife
  2. Slide the cotton wick inside the hole, leaving beyond the end of about 1 cm
  3. Pour the oil into the jar until two thirds for the wick dipped in the liquid
  4. Light the wick with a match to light the lamp

How to DIY an oil lamp with a can?

This system should be used with vegetable oil as an alcohol based fuel or gasoline could blurt flammable vapors from the top hole near the wick.


  • Bobbin metal
  • Cutter
  • Pair of scissors
  • Punch
  • Cotton Fabric
  • Vegetable oil


  1. The punch above the bobbin side of the cover
  2. Cut the can with a cutter to form the container and lid
  3. Fill the vegetable oil tank
  4. Divide the bit by performing a braid with three strips of fabric
  5. Absorb the oil wick soaking a few minutes in the tank
  6. Cut vertical slats along the lamp cover
  7. Insert the wick through the lid hole
  8. Assemble the two parts of the lamp by inserting the strips of the cover inside the tank
  9. Test the operation of igniting the wick

DIY Oil Candle

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  • Making magic candlescom: Oil Candle decorated with leaves, branches, pieces of wood, moss and other natural vegetation.

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