Office Lighting

In approximately three out of four offices in Germany are coming to use lighting systems not on the state of the art – room for improvement there, especially in offices of industry, trade and public buildings. However, the inefficiency of this obsolete equipment is reflected in the end not only reflected in the cost of electricity.

The use althergekommener and lighting in conjunction with a poor lighting design can have negative effects on the health of the staff actually. Report this light causes discomfort, concentration loss and reduces the long term job performance of the employees concerned. The targeted use of daylight combined with modern innovative LED technology on the other hand increases the wellbeing of employees and increases their motivation and performance. Especially the new open office landscapes with high space efficiency require intelligent lighting systems that form structures are flexible and define the different areas of a large offices by the illumination visually optimal. Innovative lighting technology, efficient LED lamps and Lichtmana-management systems increase the lighting comfort at the work considerably and also help energy and maintenance costs saving.

A switch to sustainable and healthy LED light is always worthwhile and is with the rental model of the German light rent to accomplish simple and risk-free. The high quality, made in Germany in their own operating LED lights can be ideally with modern light management systems connect. The highly resistant bulbs make frequent switching cycles and dimming from nothing. They can be perfectly adapted to the requirements of the work situation, for example in combination with a daylight or. Presence sensor or motion detectors, adjust.

The replacement of old fluorescent lighting systems with conventional control gear with new high-quality LED lights would cause in Germany alone savings in energy costs by up to 80 percent, up to 400 million euros a year – also would reach 1.9 million tonnes of producing less CO2 , Modern lighting concepts based on LED technology increase the sustainability of office work. They therefore improve not only the productivity and profitability of a company and the work-life balance and employee well-being, but also the ecological balance significantly.