New Galleries Drive the Design of Collection

Last year, without much fanfare, were inaugurated in Milan a few new design galleries. Distinct from each other, have in common the strong spirit of research and a smart approach of the world collector, with returns to the era of effervescent postwar trial.


For the Galleria Salvatore Lanteri, one of them, the period is an inevitable starting point. I believe in the use of ceramics in Milanese architecture of the early 1950, when Lucio Fontana collaborated with Vito Latis, Marco Zanuso and Roberto Menghi. Orin the Triennale di Milano of the season which saw the converged Visual Arts in design and the applied arts,” says Salvatore.

In your space, alternate international artists chosen with passion: the potters AnetaRegel, Andrew Casto, Guy MarshallBrown, beyond Copenhagen Ceramics, elected to display his works during the Salone del Mobile.


At the moment, the focus is on contemporary ceramics, but are provided for contamination. I would like to meet new authors and historical in the same exhibition already have in mind the possible pairs.


The Camp Design Gallery is one that connects to the past. Milan has great tradition in industrial design, but there are examples of countercurrent designers who refused the massification, as Ugo La Pietra and Riccardo Dalisi.


Do we inspire them, they know work well with local handicrafts “say Beatrice Bianco and Valentina Lucio, holders of the Camp. Among those represented are the ceramist Paolo Spalluto, fashion designer Veronica Todisco and the artist David Lindberg. For the FuoriSalone, will throw the Bestiary project that evokes the Roman architecture and their animals mysterious”, the Milanese Studio Analogy Project.


Diverse is the story of the Plusdesign, which, under the new management of AndreaCaputo and Luca Martinazzoli, organizes designers residences in your seat. In this way, the relationship with collectors and with the space itself intensifies, almost radicalizes. As in the case of the designer of Greek origin Ilias Lefas who, by choice, not have a own laboratory, but lives in the places where he develops his works.


A program that provides also some collections of products per year – during the Salone, will be the turn of the Studio M/M Paris create three carpets and furniture to bathroom. We will see where we will lead this new Milanese intelligenza. The forecasts are good.