My New LED Lamps Are Quickly Out of Order!

You bought LED lights, but after a few weeks they no longer work. How is what is possible ?

LED lamps retrofits have exactly the same Sockets than outdated halogen lamps. So you can take advantage of the new technology in a very simple way.

But the story is not over. Are the lamps connected to the network by a transformer or a dimmer?

The trafo’s and drives you used for your lamps to halogen are specifically manufactured for this purpose. They use a lot more electricity than the LED and are therefore not suitable for every new system LED.

LED lighting is much more economical than halogen spots. The trafo will activate the effort to off-load his current. The result is that the LED deteriorates and breaks.

Remove the Trafo

The easiest solution: remove the transformer and buy frames and lamps specifically for the current and the GU10 230V. If you use a drive, please be advised the article ‘dimmable LED’

You Definitely Want to Keep Your Trafo?

Look especially fine data marked on the trafo. The ‘dry’ indicates the voltage and power delivered to the lamps by the transformer.

Example: SEC-20 – 60w 12v

The load can fluctuate between 20 and 60w which generally represents the load of an average halogen lamp. But you need several LED lights have the same voltage. For example, you can connect 6 LED lamps of 5W in parallel with this trafo.

In Summary:

  • Solution 1: Remove the trafo and choose 230v LED lamps
  • Solution 2: You can assemble several LED lights in parallel with the trafo.
  • Solution 3: You are using a trafo lower ability.