Murrina Medusa Lamp

Murrina It is a firm reality into the world blown glass of Murano production scene. Manufacturers and craftsmen in equal parts, in his catalog can see the most amazing crystal chandeliers you can imagine.

Within the renewed classics collection, the Medusa lamp Thanks to its original form and the mystery that follows the light arising from their limbs stands out among the other crystal chandeliers.

On a metal body born sinuous tentacles that make this luminaire a sort of magical animal, which seems to emerge from the deep sea to preside over the choicest corners.

This design is reinvented by the hand of Marcello Albini, in a version that is more luxurious than its predecessors, highlighting the delicate Swarovski crystals you walk among their multiple arms.

The family of lamps Medusa shown in different colours: red, black, white, working both as ceiling as a Wall lamp. In Spain we can see it in the showroom in Barcelona.

As I told you, was lucky to be able to look at it closely in Casa Pasarela. It really impressed; the light color purple dyes its tentacles, the light that comes from its central body extending gradually along them, and the brilliance of Swarovski crystals make it an object of desire, magical, fascinating.

As we could expect from a product so exclusive, price is not suitable for any economy. The Medusa S80 model, which lacks the details of Swarovski, has a price of 4.450 euros Suma9 online store, what guides us on the cost of this new version.