Moonlight, a Lighted Pad

The indirect lighting I’ve always found a good way to give a dimension other than a stay, in fact not have I been able to escape this trend, and in my house there are many small lamps that I usually combine in different ways, minimal points of light that give mystery and intimacy.

Some are hidden in small lights, sewing machines or disguised as rocks, but it never would have occurred to me is to have a light pad on my couch. But now I have what to think, because it is already invented; is called Moonlight and it emits a light that changes color. It works with a battery hidden inside, and is activated by a simple pressure.

I can think of an application that can be very interesting, as night light for children those who find it hard to sleep in the dark. If in addition to a light, can hold on to it, sure that they will find in this luminous pad that security that they sometimes lack. It is also safe, without risk of overheating, as the lighting is done by low-consumption LEDs.

The world of PADS is beginning to take life, are not only already fluffy props in which settle to rest, as well as decorate they accompany, massaging, sedan and illuminate.