Milan 2016: Luminaires Rescue Craft

New combines traditional techniques and recycled material.
In addition to the major brands and industries of world furniture, Mobile Hall of Milan is also home to those just starting out. The Satellite Lounge you can find new designers with fresh ideas and, sometimes, trials. After their debut there, many of them pass for the noble ward of the event years later. Therefore, it is a space that brings together talented minds and with sparkle.


In this issue, one of the highlights of the Satellite Lounge is the designer David Pomp, which will launch the Cuppalo lamp, elegant lines and combining techniques of Mexican handicrafts. The designer grew up between Austria and Mexico, so those cultures influence the aesthetics of their creations.


The idea of working with Mexican crafts emerged after a trip to Oaxaca, in 2009, when David met the black clay. Since then, he’s been combining tradition and innovation in your light fixtures, with ancient materials and new techniques.


Produced with 100% recycled material, the lighting fixture displays an uneven surface, that frames a kind of glass bubble. In this way, it creates a lighting well distributed in the environment.


The piece of glass is hand made in a small factory in Hildago, Mexico. Already the outer capsule is produced with metal polished by craftsmen from Mexico City.


According to the designer, you can use the luminaire in different ways, as in horizontal arrangements or on a pendant with various heights. As the process is all handmade, each piece has unique characteristics.