LZF Wood touched by Light

Today is design of LTE for much more than modern wooden lamps.

LZF Wood touched by Light

“Our products communicate qualities such as nature, sensitivity, calm, reason and heat.”
As a designer for room atmosphere, the company also impressed with a modern design for a holistic well-being in private and in public spaces.
The history of the designer label LZF Lamps began in Valencia in 1994 almost by accident. The founder of the company, Marivi Calvo and Sandro Tothill developed the idea for the production of lamps made of wood strips, while they used this material for the production of some collages. Soon after came the first LTE design in a small studio in the historic center of the city.
The design label is fascinated by texture, warmth and color of the material and is dedicated to all more particular nature of the material timber. Developed in 2001 LZF Lamps in the meantime patented Polywood method by which the Veneers resistant and wipeable and manufactured therefrom lighting fixtures are durable and versatile einsatzbar. In the following years, the company experimented with Polywood and explores the limits of the new material for the typical design of LTE.
The extraordinary lighting fixtures, which are made with exquisite craftsmanship, meet quickly to great popularity. From a small family business over the years an impressive international design team of established designers, including the Spaniard Miguel Herranz and Luis Eslava, the Bang Studio from Australia, Burkart gloom and Oskar Cerezo from Germany and Ray Power from Ireland. Develops LZF Lamps is always fresh and unusual ideas creatively and makes itself a name worldwide. The Design Label excited over the years always stir by the prestigious awards of its lights.

The optimistic design lamp LZF  Agatha. The designer Luis Elava was inspired in the light of the British writer Agatha Christie. As the various narrative strands leads the intricate interweaving wood and light together. The plywood strips are bonded together in a continuous loop type of pendant lamp a playful character. The Agatha combines chaos with structure and thereby brings momentum and dynamism in the room. She looks lightweight and fragile, yet is very solid and resistant. There is a choice in the design of three different models, eleven different colors and two sizes (small or large) are selected. The Agatha design lamp 2011 was awarded the World Architecture News Arward.

When LTE pendant lamp Chou can the Design Studio Yonoh inspired by the movie “The World of Suzie Wong” and created a luminaire that any living space in a Far Eastern light emerges. The individual wooden structure creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. The design lamp is a successful homage to the traditional Hong Kong, which arouses the wanderlust. The series Chou is available as pendant lamp as well as a table lamp. Each in eleven different colors and six different sizes can customize the design.

When Mini Mikado design star night lights, the designer Miguel Herranz plays with the balance between fragility and stability. He designs a characteristic range of lampshade, which consists of handmade plywood. The design lamp Stirring up the space, pulling with her extravagant appearance attention to itself.Through the wood stripe design an interesting interplay of light and shadow is created. The Mini Mikado design series is composed of floor lamps, hanging and wall lamp. Award!

The suspension lamp LZF Poppy is a result of the plans of the German designer Burkard twilight. The wooden slats create fine strips of light that illuminate the space cleverly. The lamp LZF Poppy is the plump sister of LTE Pod and is available in three different sizes. The design lamp brings warmth and coziness to the room and convinces with its natural charisma. Both the Pod with her fragile appearance and the poppy in the classic spherical shape produce a beautiful light and shadow which the organic structure. Both are available in eleven different colors and can therefore also be wonderfully combined.

With the lamp LZF Raindrop Javier Herrero designed a delicate handmade lamp in the form of raindrops. In the interior of a – likewise handgearbeitet- glass ball sits, which is framed with wood veneer strips and the light can flow through the space. The playful LZF light creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.It can be hung in different variations and also the number of drops and the color of the wood veneer can be freely selected.

The Luis Eslava Studio settled in pendant lamp LZF Armadillo inspiration in the animal kingdom. Its structure is the tank of the South American armadillo as Armadillo’s in German, modeled. By handmade mosaic of small woodshed arises a mysterious interplay of light and shadow. The quality of the light is gentle and soft – just like the caution of the night-active nature. The design lamp enchants with its natural space and is also adaptable in three color variations. Through its high level of innovation in materials and workmanship, the Armadillo sat between numerous competitors by in the category of light products and won the World Architecture News Award.

The LZF Anfora light plays with the theme of transparency. Several plywood strips interweave and give a seductive curvy shape. The space flows a warm welcoming light that radiates the style of LZF Anfora in harmonious shape. It’s perfect for the cozy living and lounge area. The designer Miguel Herranz has developed the design of the lamp in three different sizes and eleven different colors, in order thus to be able to adapt more to the room. The Anfora is available as a floor lamp and a pendant lamp.

Who lives in Spain designer Ray Power creates from a flat material such as wood veneer impressive three-dimensional designs, which have an almost sculptural character. Ray Power won the 2007 for the lamp LZF Link design Plus and 2011 the Delta Award Good Design. The waveform that is produced by the artful layering of Möbius strips, is an eye-catcher for every living room. It radiates peace and warmth of which is amplified by the set of glow in scene wooden structure. The possibility of choosing between different stack heights, sizes, colors and types of wood makes this design lamp even more varied.The Spaniard Ray Power here lives from his fascination with the unusually flexible Polywood passion.

With his design of LTE Air Light Ray Power receives 2008 Red Dot Award. The lamp convinces through its unique flowing shape and its unusual character.With its layers, harmonious appearance radiates warm light in the room. From only a wood veneer sheet is intricately molded by hand and is available as a wall as well as a table lamp.

“Our products communicate qualities such as nature, sensitivity, calm, reason and heat”. Today LTE stands for much more than plywood lamps. As a designer for room atmosphere impressive, the company also with modern lighting concepts for a holistic well-being in private and in public spaces.