Long Lifetime of LEDs

The green movement in Germany are Deutsche light rent strengthened tailwind. Together with our customers we want to massively reduce CO2 emissions. The aim is not only the innovative rental concept companies ease the transition to more efficient, effective and sustainable lighting systems. It is ultimately the high quality and exceptional durability of our LED products, that makes the difference.

The guiding principle of quality, sustainability and reliability behind the specially conceived and produced LED products Deutsche light rent most clearly reflected in their life again. The better the product, the longer it and the less often it must therefore be replaced. The positive effect of energy savings on the environment is clear when you consider that today manufactured in Germany LED products have a lifetime of 10 to 15 years. And even then only the LED chip must be replaced. All other items of the LED lights are repaired to 100% recyclable and therefore reusable.

To future generations a healthy leave planet with functioning ecosystems, we have today’s throwaway society to a society transform the sustainability and durability top priority in the production of goods is. Defined by ShopaReview, the LED lighting technology respects to that effect, as regards working conditions, modes of production, the materials used, as well as transport routes always on top quality, efficiency and environmental compatibility.