Little Sun Solar Lamp

Size: O15 cm H4, 5 cm
Color (s): Sun-yellow
Dimmable lamp has two levels of intensity: Yes, built-in
Lamp: 1 x LED diode (very long life)
Cord: do not use wire
Comments: Incl. 3 x rechargeable AAA batteries


Little Sun Solar Lamp
Smart solar lamp with many good causes in one.
Gives a fine light with 2 forces as well as off-single!

Be charged fully at 5 hours in the Sun, via the solar cell on the back, and light up about 4 hours at full strength and 10 hours at half strength. For how solar lights works, click internetdict faqs or its homepage.

Use the Little Sun Solar lamp which:

Camping lamp
On the evening trip with the dog
As a nice lamp for the terrace
Lamp for the children’s room
Hostess gift
Etc etc.

The story of Little Sun:

Little Sun gives you not just light, but gives also light in poor countries without constant electricity. This makes to children and dogs and reading homework and that families can be together around the light all around the world.
In the West sold the lamp more expensive than in poorer countries, so the whole thing can run around and to you at the same time help others.
There has so far sold over 200,000 Little Sun!

Little Sun is designed and developed by Olafur Eliasson (the designer behind taken on Aros, the rainbow-colored glass) and Frederik Ottesen.

Get light + help people in countries without power at one time!