Lighting is a great ally in home decoration. To give relief, create an environment or mask minor defects, you can count on! Varies the intensity, play with lights and shadows, dare with the unexpected, etc. Let’s give you a series of suggestions and advice so you know to use lighting in your favor.

Creates depth and volume with built-in lights. These, apart from spare room, give a touch of modernity to your home and are great to give a greater feeling of spaciousness. In addition, your track lighting will allow you to sculpt and draw space volumes.


Suitable for light to the color of the Division. Colors affect the lighting of the play. The light color not only provide the illumination but create the romantic atmosphere you want. For example, if the tones are clear, get a warm environment will be simpler, using less light intensity. On the contrary, as darker are the colors of the environment, should be most intense lighting and very well placed to get more heat.


If you want to highlight an object or a concrete point, uses a punctual lighting,which usually installed on the ceiling. With her iluminarás this zone that you want, including the other. In any case, the point of light must be clear and direct. If you want the light more softer, we recommand the sealed beam lamps.


The concourses without natural light, like the runners, need multiple points of white light and powerful focus. If you want to enhance the lighting, puts the spotlights divided into pairs.