Lighting up the Living Room

Light up a living room can be a difficult exercise. Multitude of sources of light, atmosphere, type of activities, arrangement: all of these settings are to take into account to achieve a perfect lighting. To help, here are 10 mistakes to avoid!

1 – An inadequate color temperature

Take into account the color temperature of the light bulb on the package. According to the areas and type lighting, choose a light cosy (about 3000 kelvins) or more white (4500 kelvins for a reader for example).

2 – Spots on the ceiling

Avoid lighting your living room only with spotlights to ceiling. A show is not a show-room! Mix the luminaires: they dress and warm up too much design.

3 – The same intensity for all lamps

Avoid creating a uniform lighting with the same intensity for all lamps. Choose light bulbs different, tailored lighting, their material, their form and their function.

4 – Sur-éclairer his living room!

Too much light, too much light: your living room is not a shop. Lighting should stay nice and soothing.

5 – Slot enlighten her living room!

Atmosphere cosy and intimate is good: a cave lighting not! Respect a balance with a medium light of 400 lumens for the living room in order not to sous-éclairer your living room.

6 – Err in dimensions lamps

The volume of the luminaires is essential: too big, they crush a small space, too small, they are lost and offer too discreet lighting. The dimensions of the lamps must be well adapted to the size and volume of your living room.

7 – Create a flat lighting

One of the fatal mistakes is to create a ‘flat’ and uniform lighting. Dial a bright relief by mixing different types of lighting: indirect, direct, general and targeted.

8 – Choose the bad lighting

You fall in love with this beautiful suspension? But will she really go home? Ask yourself the right questions: dimensions, shape, diffuse lighting – generous or target. Beware of compulsive buying: the choice of a luminaire is anticipates a minimum.

9 – Forget the decorative accent lighting

Accent lighting is a lighting decorative, essential to create reliefs in the living room. He’ll punctuate your living room and draw the eye to areas of interest such as paintings or decorative niches. It makes the living room.

10 – Fool in the implementation of your fixtures

Consider the layout of your living room before you choose the location of your lamp. A wall is not necessarily implemented value placed at 2 metres in height. A suspension should be placed at the top of the table and not shifted under penalty miss both decorative rendering and lighting!