Lighting Tips for Kitchens

Did you ever stop to think it’s in the kitchen where we spend most of the day? However, the lighting of this environment is not always treated with due caution. We know that the brightness of LED bulbs is the best that exists in the market. In addition to being economical, it helps to preserve the environment. But do you know how to use the variety of LED fixtures that exist? Continue reading the post and check out our lighting tips for kitchens.

Lighting Tips for Kitchens

In the past, lighting for kitchens was done only by incandescent bulbs or simple ceiling fixtures, usually fixed to the ceiling. Nowadays many options exist, so it can even confuse people.

Before we know the possibilities, we must not forget that the quality of the product is fundamental. In this way, it is easier to arrive at the expected result and not generate future disappointments. Lamps and Ceiling Lamps with Color Reproduction Index – IRC above 80, are essential to identify the exact shade of the food in the preparation phase. In addition, it is recommended to use white light, because it arouses more attention.

Choosing lighting for kitchens is very important. Usually it is there that family gatherings and times of the day are shared. Therefore, visual discomfort with poor quality products does not fit into this – and in any other – home environment.


The use of LED ceiling fixtures are the best option. In addition to giving greater luminosity delivery, they reduce energy consumption, generating savings in the light bill. For general lighting of the environment, the favorites are the LED ceiling lights. They associate beauty with its excellent performance. There are also tubular ceiling lamps, which offer possibilities of various sizes.

The corners and details of the kitchen can not be oblivion. To eliminate possible shadow points generated by overhead cabinets, the use of high brightness LED spots or tapes is recommended .

Want to make your environment look even more modern? The application of LED strips are ideal for lighting kitchens. You can use them to highlight plaster moldings, shelves and wall clocks. Choose from the many colors and designs that it offers.