Lighted Jewelry by Claudia m. Salles

The starting point for fine tuning, new collection of designer Claudia Moreira Salles,happened in 2014, when she accepted the invitation of Waldick Jatobá to participate in an exhibition at Gallery Luciana Caravello. The proposal of the show asked her to develop pieces able to blend the boundaries of art and design, with a limited run.

I chose to work with light fixtures, an area that didn’t know much, since in my whole career I created one item of type for Etel, eight years ago. After analyzing the concept of the exhibition, I decided to get a special and rare material, to justify the fact that the line is manufactured in limited edition “, reveals the artist. Claudia joined jewelry designer Marina Sheetikoff and mark Lumini to run the project, which will be presented tomorrow (18/8), in the Gallery, and will be officially launched, in the showroom of the Lumini, on 25 August.


In addition to a refined selection of demolition timberperoba do campo, ipê, sucupira, baraúna, garapeira, Jacaranda da Bahia and riga-pine, the designer‘s bet on another exceptional material, holder of such special and rare feature required: niobium, a metal used as an alloy in the production of steels and corrosion extensively. The woods have unique properties, each piece is different. Already the niobium brings the element of surprise, because he is able to achieve different colors, special and very intense without the use of pigments, “Claudia.


The metal used in the domes of the items in the collection fine tuning acquires different shades thanks to a peculiar process of anodizing. The piece is dipped in an acid bath, you put an electric charge there and, depending on the voltage applied, your tonality changes gradually. It goes from Brown to copper Brown, to dark blue, medium blue, green, yellow and so on. I have chosen three colors that match the wood and copper and give a contrast. “reveals.


Claudia account that met the material and the technique through the work of jewellery designer Marina Sheetikoff a few years ago. The finish given by Marina was decisive for me to decide to incorporate it into the project,” explains Claudia. It was Sheetikoff who worked the shades of the summits. The initiative resulted in three luminaire families with six variations and each one of the pieces has a limited run of 25 units.


It was a great pleasure working with Claudia, there was a very good exchange. The drawing is all hers, we just materialized. This is a first limited series, and of course it would be very nice and enriching work again with her with another type of product., reveals Fernando Prado, Director of the Lumini.