Light Output? Light Output!

What Is The Term Light Yield?

The emitting luminous flux is correlated with the electrical power consumption.

Light Output Light Output!
Light output = luminous flux (lm) / power consumption (W)
But what are the terms:  luminous flux and power consumption?
Luminous flux: Unfortunately
, there is no definite regulation as to how this data must be specified. While one manufacturer specifies the value measured in the laboratory under normal conditions and operating conditions, others assume the datasheet value of the diode in the “cold” state. This can differ by up to 20%.
Data sheet value: 100lm/25°C (substrate temperature)
Measured value: 82lm at 80°C substrate temperature).
Even with good heat management, at least 5% of the data sheet must always be deducted.
Power consumption:
If you operate an LED with an operating current of 350mA, this is referred to as 1W operation of an LED.
However, in reality, the real value varies depending on the forward voltage of the diode. (3.0V-3.5V)
This means a range of power consumption from 1.05 watts to 1.23 watts.
If the above-mentioned 100 lm/W light output is in fact not only only 67 lm/W?
If we now calculate the losses due to optics or reflectors as well as the LED driver, we can deduct a further 10% to 20%. takes into account all these properties in the data sheet values ​​and makes them transparent.
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