Light on the Shop Floor

In stores, no matter whether in retail or at the mall, light has a major impact on the environment and thus also on the mood of customers. innovative LED technology is a high-quality and energy-efficient alternative to outdated, power-hungry lighting systems for the general lighting of retail space as well as for targeted effect lighting specific areas.

Coherent light on the shop floor is an absolute must, so shopping a sensuous experience. In stores with windows should, as far as possible, the daylight to be scheduled in the illumination of retail space. Using a modern lighting management system and integrated light sensors a modern lighting can be tuned, for example, with today’s lighting conditions. But light is not always the same, but it does with business land tasks in several ways – from the quick guidance on the accentuation up to the staging of the business space – and thus ultimately also the promotion. This applies to the retail trade as well as for shopping malls or the assortment areas in department stores. Coherent Light in the business space creates atmosphere, draws attention to the goods, supports customer management and underlines the brand image. One main instrument for this is a well thought out lighting dramaturgy. In particular, the lamps used to decide with their differentiated properties such as light color and color rendering and contrast and light distribution about how the room atmosphere acts on the customer.

To the desire for greater energy efficiency and sustainability into account, Energy-reducing lighting concepts and the use of winning LED solutions in retail space is becoming increasingly important. Whether in shop windows with their frequently changing decorations or in the merchandise display in the shop inside: LED lights meet all still so special requirements with flying colors. Lighting systems with LED light ensure optimal color and texture rendering and contribute beyond the temperature and light sensitivity different invoice. LED products of the German lighting rental are resistant and everywhere flexibly. They can be easily combined with modern lighting management systems, guarantee a high quality lighting and, in combination with the innovative rental model energy and cost savings from the first day of use.