Light in the Communication

Find not only in medicine, also in the communication LED bulbs due to the continuous development increasingly more applications. Light is no longer just a means to darkness. The intensive exploration of the potentials of LED technology at the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications in Berlin will soon the everyday use wireless transmission of data using light signals make possible.
Already in the near future Internet connections could about energy-saving LED ceiling lamps produced and data is transmitted optically. When using optical wireless transmitter sends the data streams wired to a modulator, which in turn is connected to the LED module. The additional data transmission is carried out by ultra-fast switching on and off of special LED bulbs. For a laptop, the light signals into electrical signals, or binary numbers that consist of the digits 0 and 1, translate, a photodiode has to be attached to the unit yet. In the foreseeable future Gigabit speeds range seem to be quite possible. This is a clever and inexpensive alternative, because LED lamps heard in times of German energy transition anyway the future and optical wireless could be used with inexpensive standard components and minimal retrofits in many places.

One of the biggest advantages of the optical WLANs is that by the light pulses will not cause interference that could affect other sensitive systems. The fact that optical WLAN walls can not penetrate and thus necessarily have a line of sight must be available, also means a serious safety advantage. In sensitive data centers or banks walls would the optical wireless network shielding to the outside and make it as secure against attacks by hackers.