Light in Medicine

Is used that light for medical purposes, is not new. The use of infrared light has been established as well as about the various medical fields using laser beams. With the steady progress in the development of LED lights, the revolutionary technology is also in modern medicine inexorably on the rise. Particularly, the therapeutic use of blue LED light for pain relief shows great potential.

The starting point for intense research around blue LED light was the discovery of the vasodilator effect of the molecule nitric oxide (NO), which even earned the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1998th So NO causes dilation of the blood vessels and hence increases blood flow. In the course of further research with NO showed that by irradiation with blue LED light of a specific wavelength, exactly 453 nanometers, the skin, the body’s production of nitric oxide and thus the vasodilatation. Is excited Thanks to this operation, pain-causing substances can be removed more easily from the tissue oxygen and nutrients contrast, move more quickly to the muscle. This can relax in a row and the pain is combated effectively.

Also in other sectors, which has LED technology proven. Especially in the medical projects can be realized with the help of LED lights, which would otherwise be much more complicated and therefore more costly. LEDs outdo other light sources because they can be directly attached by their compactness where the light is actually needed. In addition, their operating temperature in comparison is relatively low, which is particularly advantageous when space is limited.