Light in Art

Without light there is no color. And without color there is no art. The light and the art are therefore inextricably interlinked. In addition, artificial lighting for art is becoming increasingly important. Advances in LED technology, we are now thousands of LEDs at the same time individually to control and shine in a variety of shades. Thus, LED lights have also been introduced in the art.

For a long time fireworks use the only method of light in art. The first experiments with pyrotechnics, China had apparently already in the 12th century during the Song Dynasty. The Arabs brought the art of missile production eventually to Europe, where she continued to develop through the invention of gunpowder and also in military affairs was applied. In the late 14th century existed in Italy already an independent craft, which worked with all the essential elements of modern art of fireworks and then spread throughout Europe. From this time the first fireworks figures and facilities warehouse have been preserved. Today enjoy the light shows widespread popularity and are an indispensable part of many celebrations around the globe. Light art is also the passion of Gerry Hofstetter. Since 1999, the former banker and helicopter pilot turns as light artist most buildings, monuments, landscapes and mountains with light art projections in temporary art objects.

With his work Gerry Hofstetter always trying to point at socially relevant issues. With its international marketing, event and design agency he icebergs used among others 2003 “UN Year of Water” in Antarctica as art objects, to draw attention to climate change and the melting of the polar ice caps. 2009 as he lit the Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich, to more awareness to create for society diseases such as depression.