Light for Your Garden

Transform your garden in the evening thanks to thoughtful games of lights. Whether temporary or permanent, these luminous stagings change the profile and the atmosphere of your exteriors. Our ideas of facilities, it’s here.

Play with hidden light sources

Enhance the remarkable elements of your garden like statues, trees, but also the façade of your home using hidden light sources like spots on specific piquet, projectors or recessed light rails. This upward light transforms your garden and highlights the shape and branching trees or enlightened elements. In the evening, they become powerful and very aesthetic decorative elements.

Dial lights to the festive charm

The style of the luminaires and their impact greatly the atmosphere form. Rather than a simple wall, banal and sad, enjoy a Pergola or a dividing wall to hang a string of lights. With white bulbs, colored, or metal, the choice is immense as the deco tone you want to bring. You can also suspend bright lanterns at your umbrella. This staging turns your terrace in festive space in record time!

Boost the mood with lighting design

Modernize and expand the lighting in your garden. If this one is essentially informed functionally, boost – the with bright accessories to the contemporary ultra rendering. Spheres to ask, furniture or light pots, these extra lights, often wireless offer great freedom of installation and are therefore ideal for transforming your garden atmosphere easily. They exude a sweet and colorful lighting ultra decorative.