Light Bulbs LED Hazardous to The Eyes?

Winning in popularity because of their low energy consumption, LED bulbs would ultimately be harmful to the eyes. This conclusion stems from a study by Alicia Torriglia and her colleagues at INSERM.

Exposed for 24 hours to a strong light of 6000 lux with dilated pupils, laboratory rats showed inflammations of the retina leading to cell death. A second experiment with normal 500-lux bulbs allowed researchers to observe the same effects, only with LED lamps.

The Blue Light In Question

According to the results of the study published in Neurosciencethe blue light emitted by the LED bulbs would be toxic to the retina. It would cause cell degeneration, or apoptosis, followed by their death, or necrosis. According to Alicia Torriglia, the effects do not stop at the level of the photoreceptors, but extend to neighboring cells. This cell chain destruction would promote age-related macular degeneration or AMD.

Urgent Solutions

According to the researchers, a prolonged exposure to LED light would exhaust in a short time the light capital of our eyes. However, since 2005, the European Commission has imposed the replacement of filament bulbs by LEDs in an effort to save energy and preserve the environment. Therefore, scientists recommend developing LED lamps emitting less blue light.