Many shops and businesses promote their products and services with bright lettering and signs that are illuminated with neon lights. The least of which is aware that the latest generation of LED technology also brings many advantages here and thus more sustainable alternatives with them. Whoever replaces neon lights in front of his business by LED lights, not only does the environment any good, but can do without a lot of work and money.

One of the most significant differences between neon and LED lights is that fluorescent lights are made of real glass and could break therefore. LED lights, however, are encased in a rule of a special polymer sheath which protects the LED and makes them lighter and more flexible than neon. This allows for a faster, less complicated and safer installation compared to neon. Even cleaning and maintenance of signs and logos are easier to handle. In addition, LED lights are more environmentally friendly and healthier. Neon tubes contain toxic, environmentally harmful gases and oils. If a neon tube breaks escape harmful vapors why neon lights must be disposed of in the waste and can be recycled also not good due to the oil residue.


Further advantages of LED bubs compared with conventional fluorescent lamps, which are operated with neon, is the lower power consumption by up to 70%, the long service life irrespective of the switch and the fact that the light immediately at maximum brightness immediately after switching on without flicker is available. LED bulbs are also in different color temperatures available, can be dimmed and will be automatically adjusted to the external lighting conditions adaptable.