LED Mood Lighting

In a few years, the Led did improved to provide a more comfortable and low consumption light to our interiors. Progress measurable both in terms of lighting technology of color temperature. Today the pleasure is in addition to the comfort, and Led lighting connects to control remotely with ease. It is work of art, object design, indoor or outdoor for we accompany with style.

Bespoke lighting

Now, thanks to the new lighting technology, each of us becomes an atmosphere creator. Tailor-made light became accessible in order to create a highly customized lighting. The luminaire is composed according to the tastes of each, the style you want, the available budget. Suspension, applied but also ceiling dress of a glassworks in the map. Habitat has adjustable lighting absolutely unique and who looks like us.

Light bulbs driven remotely

Lighting are equipping themselves connected bulbs so that a click from a smartphone or a computer, we can modulate remote lighting in our House. The choice of the different light environments is expressed in millions of possibilities. A new technology that also allows savings of energy. Similarly, Laurie light enriches its collections with connected lamps benefiting from the all new technologies we offer maximum comfort while magnifying our living space with ‘Up’, a built-in led flashlight and ‘Fine’, a desk with presence detector lamp.

Light and conviviality

Light bulbs connected Tablet and smartphone do not merely bring a style custom home. They participate in our festive evenings by varying the colors of lighting but also turning into speakers to punctuate each of our easy to use parentheses with our favorite music. This is the case of the musical Striimlight of Philips bulb.

Lighting LED, an art of living

LED lighting is a true art of living. Atmosphere creative specialists accompany us in our choice, to invent light according to tone, intensity and style we love. Innovation and development are at the service of aesthetics. The new collections of lighting are capable of unprecedented stylistic effects while providing more comfort.Lighting Leds meets any of our desires, and is adorned with a stunning design.

Lighting LED, a style!

Our interior lighting is ultra simplified: lamps LED pre-programmed table lamp or suspended; real sculptures, or objects of creators made by hand and signed Céline Wright or Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà. The led lighting is also a revealer of atmosphere that adapts to all situations to accompany each of our daily actions. Today lights Leds give style to our interior but also to our outdoor spaces with 100% outdoor lights.

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