LED Market Research

The lighting market is due to the rapid progress of LED technology in recent years strongly in transition. The energy revolution is in full swing. In the coming years, LED lighting will have conventional light sources such as halogen spotlight, the fluorescent bulb and also the energy saving lamp largely displaced. The industry is thanks to recent innovations before a big bang in the form of high growth.

As most energy efficient lighting, LED lights are undoubtedly the future in the lighting industry. Supply and demand also rising steadily. The German light rent has secured a good starting position for the upcoming thrust on LED market after years of intensive work, the innovation and the development of its own products. The EU-wide ban of lamps containing mercury will move many industrial plants which previously acted hesitant in the face of new technology, to rethink. The German light Rent feel this pressure on the market towards greater efficiency and sustainability, based on the exploding interest in the far-reaching benefits of LED lights. Also from abroad, we are seeing strong interest. More and more customers want to do without in retrofitting their lighting systems on quality guarantees and collateral. They recognize the benefits of LED modules to rent instead of buying them.

The German light rent has witnessed the meteoric rise of LED technology over the years from the first row. According to our own experience in the lighting market and company internal calculations with respect to the growth of the industry we believe that LED penetration 2016 will be 45 percent and by 2020 could increase to nearly 70 percent. In particular, the policy support will be important for a successful energy transition towards greater sustainability and performance.