LED Lighting Market is Hotly Contested

Market analyzes show that almost every customer different needs in the renovation and modernization of its lighting systems occur. It turns out there also that the mere swapping of lamps to LED lighting is insufficient. The different special requirements that are brought by clients to us, therefore, continuously flow into the product development of the German Lighting Rent a with.

In Germany since now want to bring up to 25 competitors their LED products to the man and, proceeding partly very untrustworthy, many customers who are considering a switch to LED lighting, unsettled. The problem here is often the poor quality of imported goods from abroad, false promises regarding their performance and the high product risk. The German light rent has therefore become the first German light rental system on products dedicated itself to develop and manufacture products that are specifically designed for rental and therefore a sustainable and long-lasting use. The German light rent rises so decided by the market from as always after the EKS system, the bottleneck-concentrated strategy at rehabilitation and modernization phases of lighting systems is planned.

The German light Rent thus provides not only real German LED-brand products, but is also a reliable partner who solves all problems from a single source. In our light manufacturer in Oldenburg incoming orders are produced to customer specifications. Since all purchased products come from renowned German manufacturers, almost all bottlenecks can be resolved in a timely manner for our customers. And. No investment required, without credit risk or retrofitting costs in the lease term and immediate economic benefits from 15% to 25% savings on the total cost with LED bulbs.