LED Light: Guarantee a Good Energy Efficiency

LED, acronym of Lighting Emmiting Diode in french light-emitting diode, is a technology that is powered by a component semiconductor that emits light when it is crossed by an electric current.

For Optimal and Economic Lighting LED Lamps

Led technology is today the lighting system the most popular and the most promoted because of its many benefits. Indeed, the LED lights have a life expectancy well above that of the other lamps. They may reach 40,000 hours of use, or several decades, 20 to 50 times more than incandescent lamps.

In addition, the LED light is very powerful. It offers optimal lighting and reached a maximum brightness from the ignition. More compact appearance of his lamps allows to integrate easily the boldest lighting projects. But the main advantage of LED bulbs is their low energy consumption. In addition to all these advantages, their low cost, their low heat emission and their absolute resistance.

LED technology is widely used in the lighting of the premises, but also homes, adapting to a wide range of use: lamps classics, street lights, table lamps, light fixtures, ceiling lights, flashlights, decorative objects, etc. To meet all these uses, LED lighting comes in three main forms: the conventional LED bulbs of 230V who settle in an electric socket, the LED bulbs low voltage, 12-24V; they have a small size and operate with a transformer, and the dimmable LED light bulbs, of which it is possible to vary the light intensity.

A Good Efficiency with LED Light

Means efficiency optimal a system operating with a reduced energy consumption. And that’s exactly what offers LED technology on Shoppingpicks.net: the same, or even better, performance for a lower energy consumption. For example, a 800 lumens LED flashlight (lumen denotes the intensity of the light) consumes between 9 and 12 Watts here where a light bulb consumes 60 Watts for the same performance. In addition, the low energy of LED bulbs involves an inexorable reduction in CO2 emissions.

Thus, LED lighting is also an ecological choice. The energy efficiency of the LED light also takes its low cost. Because of its energy efficiency multi facet, LED technology is called to be the only power mode of the sources of light for domestic use, lamps eco halogen being called to disappear from the market by 2018. LED technology is evolving, and we can hope for the years to come even more powerful and more environmentally friendly LED lamps for an even lower cost.